Conversion Optimization Prioritization Sheet

Prioritize your AB testing ideas & never get confused on what to test first

How will this sheet help you?

Prioritize problems and hypotheses to focus on your website


25-point system to evaluate each conversion problem on your website

25 Point System

Create a conversion roadmap for your website

Conversion Roadmap

Why are we sharing this?

Every conversion optimization specialist, usability expert or marketer conducting AB testing faces this problem: what do I test first?

You can always ask a couple of designers to sit in a room for an hour and redesign a webpage or a landing page. Give them a week and they’ll likely come up with 100 different problem areas to test and redesign. But is that the best approach to testing?

Of course not.

Testing is a lot more than just throwing some designs together and measuring the impact. There’s a lot of research that must happen before and after the test, in order to make sure what you are testing is something that will produce significant results.

At Invesp, we have long recognized this issue, and internally came up with a system that helps us prioritize problems on a page to determine what should be tested first based on data and other factors. Today, we are making this internal process available to the public.

Using this sheet, you will be able to:

1. Consider all the factors that determine the viability of a problem

2. Consider all the factors that determine the viability of a given hypothesis

3. Consider whether a given hypothesis is data driven or not

4. Give each problem/hypothesis a scale out of 100 to determine what to problem to begin with

Are you ready to start doing “smart” testing? Download this excel file and give your tests a greater chance of success today!

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